Always Room 4 Dessert

Gingerbread Cookies
The gingerbread cookie encapsulates all that is the Christmas season.  Just picture the gingerbread houses in their grandeur …smell the spices…put your [...]
Amazing Pumpkin Chiffon Pie!
As I sit here and prepare in my mind for Thanksgiving dinner (I will be serving 10 this year) and watch ‘Elf’ (since I started bringing down [...]
Cranberry Amaretto Cookies
New addition to the list of Christmas cookies as of 2012, now a staple.  Why?  We love cookies with a surprise in them!  We love cookies made with booze!  [...]
Chocolate Fondue
When we made it fondue night, I went all the way and included a dessert fondue as well.  Who knew, a million years ago, that getting two fondue pots for my [...]
Mexican Cookies My Way
These have been a favorite for years and years.  They are a basic cookie called many things all over the world, Mexican Wedding Cookies in the US, Russian [...]
Not Your Mama’s Rice Krispy Treats
I made two riffs on rice crispy treats tonight and I love them both!  A new all natural product I tried at the Food and Wine Festival inspired this [...]
My Favorite Cookies!
Everyone knows the Toll House recipe found on the bag of the chips, I make it year round and also as a part of my Christmas cookie tins.  After making it [...]
Apple & Blackcurrant Turnovers
I love frozen puff pastry sheets and use it to top my chicken pot pie and to make garlic bread sticks too.  This recipe allows for hot gooey pastries you [...]
Cherry Surprise Cutters
Every year I have made these cookies at Christmas since the early 1990s when I first discovered the recipe this is based on from “Best of Martha [...]
Apple Mania!
Finally…two apple sauces, a pie, 3 crumbles, some pastries and one roasted pork later and that huge bag of hand picked apples is finished!  Here are [...]