One Pot Meal (Chicken & Rice)
I was intrigued the other day at the grocery store when I saw arroz amarillo, and thought, let’s try and see what we can make with it.   I picked up [...]
Cheese Fondue
I found a way to make a fun, yet healthy dinner tonight.  It is a total throwback, but never lost it’s charm, cheese fondue.  If you don’t have [...]
Cranberry Pork Chops
I had a bunch of dried cranberries and wondered what to use them for.  Then I thought, since cherries go well with pork and are tart, maybe cranberries [...]
Adult Grilled Cheese
Some of my favorite inspirations for new recipes come from when I am out and about and find unique food and come home and try to replicate it.  I made [...]
Beef Stir Fry
My eldest son is my inspiration on this dish (and so many other times in life!)  He pushes me into Asian directions and tries to move me towards Latin [...]
Perfect Scallops
Just went to Whole Foods today and wanted to try to cook something from the sea.  I prefer meat and chicken, but my husband and eldest son enjoy seafood [...]
Still Grillin’!
Truth be told, my poor husband is sent out to the backyard in hot or cold weather, dry or wet, pretty much year round!  When you have a husband who only [...]
Halloween Soup
This starts out similar to the Tortellini Soup I explained a couple of months ago, but then you make it thicker with my Mom’s secret addition, then [...]
Apple Mania!
Finally…two apple sauces, a pie, 3 crumbles, some pastries and one roasted pork later and that huge bag of hand picked apples is finished!  Here are [...]
Dinner Pie
I hate to use any shortcuts that include products that contain preservatives or weird ingredients, but I still haven’t found a quick and reliable pie [...]