Weekend Cooking

This Mama’s Meatballs
Nothing tastes better, is more satisfying, or says ‘I Love You!’ better than a bowl full of spaghetti and meatballs made from scratch.  I have [...]
Chicken Risotto
Risotto generally scares home cooks away because of its’ well deserved reputation of being a high maintenance dish to create.  It really does require [...]
Tortellini Chicken Soup
As you can tell, my kids will eat anything that involves pasta.  I guess that small piece of Sicilian ancestry is coming through, or maybe it is just a [...]
Chicken Pot Pie
Great for Weekend Cooking This is a family favorite, it has such depth of flavor, but without putting off the kids.  Grandpa’s favorite as well.  It [...]
Bolognese Sauce
Great weekend cooking – year round I make this sauce every couple of months, and when I make it I make a lot of it, and freeze about 75% of it in 3 [...]