Mom’s Stuffed Artichokes
This one is my Mom’s creation, and a childhood favorite for me!  I don’t even like fish, but adding in the anchovies creates a salty kick that this [...]
Garlic Butter for Garlic bread (and a lot more!)
I made some cool compound butter over the summer taking advantage of the fresh herbs in the garden.  Now that my yard and gardens are covered with a foot [...]
Ruth’s Best Dip
My sister brought over the yummiest dip ever the other day.  Of course I asked for her secret recipe so I could share it with you!  This dip is based on a [...]
Holiday Appetizer Dates
This is a quick but really hardy, and somewhat healthy appetizer (truth be told it should be a dessert and can round out a holiday dessert table as well, I [...]
The Holiday Cheese Platter
If you love Christmas, go to Kings Now!  If you are a scrooge, stay away, this is a warning.  Christmas has come to the grocery store Kings already!  See [...]
Fried fresh mozzarella
This is not easy, I warn you, but it is fantastic.  The final product is crunchy and creamy, the coating has a blast of flavor while the middle is mild, [...]
Fast Mexican Part 2 – Quesadillas Anyone?
Another quick item I make that can be a part of Mexican taco bar night or just a stand alone appetizer or part of a meal, is the quesadilla.  So easy and [...]
Quick Garlic Breadsticks
Kids can easily help make these and they love to eat them as well.  I made these for a party one time and they went so fast I was amazed!  For such little [...]
Quick Pizza Muffins
Here is an amazingly quick little appetizer or lunch to make with the kids.  They will enjoy assembling them at almost any age.  I make a large pot of [...]