Fall Shrimp on the Barby
I think I have mentioned this already once or twice, but my husband generally does not cook or bake, but he does a mean pancake breakfast and can grill [...]
Quick and Rich Citrus Chicken
What to do when you have a packet of boneless skinless chicken breasts in the house and have run out of ideas?  Get creative and see what you have [...]
BBQ Tilapia
We are heading into week 6 of our kitchen renovation.  Desperation breeds creativity, as I try and cook in this halfway completed room!  We are still [...]
Summer Grilling,T-Bone Steak
Steak, it’s not rocket science.  If you pick a good cut and you cook it properly on the grill you’re laughin’!  I just had a wonderful [...]
Rainbow Chicken
I was home one afternoon, earlier than usual from work, and wanted to come up with a new and healthy meal for the family.  I remembered how I have read [...]
Weekday Shrimp
Ingredients 18 big shrimp (feeds 3 people, that’s how many shrimp eaters I have) 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic diced 2 tbsp butter Juice and [...]
Indoor Sausages
We are close to the hazy lazy summer days of barbecuing, but not there yet.  This recipe was my way of eating yummy German sausages in the winter.  Using [...]
Breakfast for Dinner
If you are a seasoned mom, you will have heard of the concept of serving breakfast for dinner and taken advantage of it many times!  Even this food [...]
Skillet Chicken and Potatoes
Over the weekend I was staring down a basket with 3 bags of shallots in it, and wondering how to use them up before they went bad.  I of course made my [...]
Asian Marinated Pork Skewers
I just love Michael Simon‘s new cookbook, 5 in 5.  It has inspired my tagliatelle chicken Alfredo and this recipe which is my version of his pork [...]