Holiday Cooking

Sweet Potato Souffle
A couple of years ago I found this wonderful version of the old Thanksgiving classic sweet potato side dish (you know the one with the mini-marshmallows on [...]
Mashed Carrot & Turnip
My wonderful Mum-in-law taught me this one, we serve it at Thanksgiving and whenever I need to mix things up a bit.  It is smooth, mild in flavor but rich [...]
Roasted Carrots & Parsnips
I serve this in the Fall, mostly because root vegetables remind me of this season, and also because of the nice bright orange of the carrots are a color of [...]
Smashed Butternut Squash
This recipe is one that has been a favorite for my boys at one time or another (comes in and out of fashion).  I think you will have success with this as [...]
Homemade Mashed Potatoes (and Garlic Mashed)
What could be better than fluffy mashed potatoes with a flavorful marinated chicken breast on top or with a crater filled with piping hot homemade gravy? [...]