Holiday Baking

Airplane Cookies
Our family loves the Biscoff spread and cookies.  About 5 years ago I was blessed to be sent on a work trip to Belgium, which is where I discovered the [...]
Aunt Joyce’s Cookies
These Frangelica chocolate chip cookies were recently shipped to my family from Aunt Joyce, including her recipe card.  Thank you Aunt Joyce, they were [...]
Dee’s Surprise Cookies
Initial inspiration for this cookie was from Martha Stewart’s ‘Cookies’ book which I highly recommend.  I love her lay-out in the front [...]
Orange Iced Cookies
Chocolate is the core dessert around my house, but when putting together Christmas cookie tins, I make sure I include different tastes so there is [...]
Peppermint Meringues
I love these because they are unique and easy to make.  The only drawback is they are not great for freezing, so the day I am going to give out my cookies [...]
Gingerbread Cookies
The gingerbread cookie encapsulates all that is the Christmas season.  Just picture the gingerbread houses in their grandeur …smell the spices…put your [...]
Amazing Pumpkin Chiffon Pie!
As I sit here and prepare in my mind for Thanksgiving dinner (I will be serving 10 this year) and watch ‘Elf’ (since I started bringing down [...]
Cranberry Amaretto Cookies
New addition to the list of Christmas cookies as of 2012, now a staple.  Why?  We love cookies with a surprise in them!  We love cookies made with booze!  [...]
Mexican Cookies My Way
These have been a favorite for years and years.  They are a basic cookie called many things all over the world, Mexican Wedding Cookies in the US, Russian [...]
My Favorite Cookies!
Everyone knows the Toll House recipe found on the bag of the chips, I make it year round and also as a part of my Christmas cookie tins.  After making it [...]