Holiday Baking

Cherry Surprise Cutters
Every year I have made these cookies at Christmas since the early 1990s when I first discovered the recipe this is based on from “Best of Martha [...]
Orange Cranberry Sauce
This is as simple as it gets.  To prove my theory, I had my 8 year old make it beginning to end tonight!  This, my most successful cranberry sauce, is made [...]
Dad’s Favorite Cookies
At the holidays, my kitchen turns into a fury of activity with flour flying everywhere for the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas.   As the official [...]
PB & Chocolate Cookies
Everyone has either baked or eaten these cookies before.  I have made different versions over the years with different peanut butters and this is my [...]
Best Apple Pie
This one is for you, Jenn!  We went apple picking over the weekend (so did the rest of our state it seemed) and I now have an enormous bag of fresh [...]
Rich Chocolate Crinkles
I have been making a version of this cookie for probably over 20 years!  Every year since I was young, I have baked an assortment of Christmas cookies [...]
Triple Chocolate Cookies – Two Ways
This is one of the many cookies I include in my Christmas cookie assortment.  However, it is my eldest son’s favorite so we tend to make it during [...]