Jazz up Lunch

Winter Hot Dogs
Similar to my post on baked potatoes, I hesitate to add a recipe that is so easy.  But isn’t that the point?  We all want to know what we can do with [...]
Hungarian Goulash Soup
This is my absolute favorite soup.  It is hardy and delicious, with some mild spiciness from the caraway seeds and paprika, and filling because of the [...]
Cherry Vanilla Dessert
I had mentioned in an early post, during warmer weather, the way to make yogurt special by creating parfait desserts.  Well, this is similar, but more of a [...]
Beef Barley Soup
This is one of two recipes I always make with leftover prime rib beef and bones.  Be aware that this recipe is an all day affair.  It isn’t hard, it [...]
Creamy Turkey Soup
With all this turkey hanging around, you need to have a couple of recipes in your backpocket for how to use the leftovers.   I made this yesterday, and [...]
Turkey Chili
This chili tastes fantastic and is not too spicy, I can’t handle too much spice.  If you can, then replace the red bell pepper with a hotter pepper [...]
Adult Grilled Cheese
Some of my favorite inspirations for new recipes come from when I am out and about and find unique food and come home and try to replicate it.  I made [...]
Hearty Potato Hash
Over the years I have seen lots of pre-fab fake dinner items come on the market.  Before my time was the onset of TV dinners, then came the hamburger [...]
Quick Applesauce
There are quite a few all natural apple sauce options out there, even some unsweetened ones, so I am not suggesting that a busy mom make homemade apple [...]
Fried fresh mozzarella
This is not easy, I warn you, but it is fantastic.  The final product is crunchy and creamy, the coating has a blast of flavor while the middle is mild, [...]