Jazz up Lunch

Best Pumpkin Bread
This tastes like autumn, it is moist and spicy and good with or without the nuts and the cranberries.  I just find adding the nuts and cranberries is [...]
My Mac & Cheese
I know that boxed macaroni and cheese is super quick and easy, and I tend to use the Annie Sez version now and again to save time.  But with this recipe, I [...]
Sick Day Sandwich
Since I work full time and have 3 kids close in age, when I have an opportunity to be in the house with just one child, during a sick day for instance, we [...]
Best Banana Muffins
Before I had the kids, and it was just my husband and I, we were always sitting on over-ripe bananas with black spots all over them and no one to eat them [...]
Quick Pizza Muffins
Here is an amazingly quick little appetizer or lunch to make with the kids.  They will enjoy assembling them at almost any age.  I make a large pot of [...]
20 Minute Tomato Sauce
A super quick sauce that can be used for spaghetti, pizzas or on chicken or eggplant Parmesan.  This sauce is so quick and tastes so much better than [...]
Tortellini Chicken Soup
As you can tell, my kids will eat anything that involves pasta.  I guess that small piece of Sicilian ancestry is coming through, or maybe it is just a [...]
Five Minute Side
This is the pinnacle of fast food at home to do when you are really crunched for time. I am not promising healthy here, just speed (although I do buy the [...]
Banana Blast
This is my favorite shake, and so easy to make too!  The kids just made this one for me.  The cinnamon adds a warm undertone and the honey a little [...]
Kid’s Omelet
My kids can make this one themselves (with a little supervision at the stove).  I know hot dogs are in no way fancy, but they work in this omelet really [...]