Always Room 4 Dessert

Kitchen Reno Sundae
One thing I learned during our kitchen renovation was that low maintenance assembling of food was the easiest way to go.  Even though during most of the [...]
Smoothie Pops
Smoothie Pops Once the weather warms up, our family loves to make ice pops.  When my kids were little, I was forever looking for ways to provide desserts [...]
I think it has become painfully obvious that I am a major chocolate fan, did you count how many chocolate recipes I already created?!  My favorite cocktail [...]
Rich Chocolate Dessert
You have to really love chocolate (I do!) to appreciate this dessert.  It is amazing but super rich, and a lot goes a long way so  you can use small [...]
Airplane Cookies
Our family loves the Biscoff spread and cookies.  About 5 years ago I was blessed to be sent on a work trip to Belgium, which is where I discovered the [...]
Cast Iron Pan Cookie
What a cool thing to make during a snow storm, and here in the East Coast of the US, we are in for a doozy tonight!  This is so much easier than making [...]
Cherry Vanilla Dessert
I had mentioned in an early post, during warmer weather, the way to make yogurt special by creating parfait desserts.  Well, this is similar, but more of a [...]
Aunt Joyce’s Cookies
These Frangelica chocolate chip cookies were recently shipped to my family from Aunt Joyce, including her recipe card.  Thank you Aunt Joyce, they were [...]
Dee’s Surprise Cookies
Initial inspiration for this cookie was from Martha Stewart’s ‘Cookies’ book which I highly recommend.  I love her lay-out in the front [...]
Orange Iced Cookies
Chocolate is the core dessert around my house, but when putting together Christmas cookie tins, I make sure I include different tastes so there is [...]