Dishes on the Side

Steamed zucchini mixed vegetables
Ingredients 1 Green zucchini 1 Yellow zucchini 3 large carrots 1 tbsp butter Salt and pepper to taste Clean and peel carrots, and clean the zucchinis while [...]
Beans and Carrots
One vegetable combination I see at restaurants all the time is a mix of carrots, string beans and usually a green and yellow zucchini.  Zucchini [...]
Cauliflower Au Gratin
As I (thank goodness!) crawl out of my winter hibernation back into the world, and search for the first snow drops that prove Spring is coming, my cooking [...]
Cheesy Broccoli
This is a bit heartier way to prepare broccoli.  Everyone at my house likes ginger broccoli and they seem to also enjoy this version too.  It is a cool way [...]
Baby Peas and Barley
Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, and I had a small amount of barley leftover from my beef barley soup and didn’t know what to do [...]
French Carrots
Carrots and broccoli are the two vegetables that all three kids eat, so when I can find a new way to serve them I jump on it.  Reading through the very [...]
Perfect Baked Potato
Silly right, blogging about taking a potato and baking it?  I thought so, until I remembered how many people seemingly “can’t cook” and [...]
Roasted Veggies
This is a great side dish to make when you are roasting a chicken or beef, since the oven will be heated for a long time anyway.  You can time it so that [...]
Roasted Butternut Squash
I love butternut squash with maple syrup or brown sugar and an assortment of pumpkin pie spices.  I don’t enjoy peeling the skin, but once that task [...]
Apple Sausage Stuffing
Just when I thought I was over making food with apples, I almost forgot my favorite stuffing recipe!  Try this out, it is amazing!  Equal parts celery, [...]