Dishes on the Side

Orange Cranberry Sauce
This is as simple as it gets.  To prove my theory, I had my 8 year old make it beginning to end tonight!  This, my most successful cranberry sauce, is made [...]
Italian Cauliflower
I had to come up with a new way to serve cauliflower, whenever I watch a cooking show I think to myself – wow, they come up with so many ways to [...]
Winter Corn
I call this winter corn because once October hits my area, there aren’t anymore lovely ears of fresh local corn at the stores or markets.  For the [...]
Bacony Brussel Sprouts
Don’t tell my kids, but I don’t love vegetables.  It’s sad but true.  I shouldn’t be so surprised my twins are picky, I am too.  I [...]
Quick Applesauce
There are quite a few all natural apple sauce options out there, even some unsweetened ones, so I am not suggesting that a busy mom make homemade apple [...]
Thrice Baked Squash
Whenever I see a beautiful acorn squash I think of autumn, almost as much as when the pumpkins start cropping up everywhere.  Pumpkins and all recipes [...]
Mashed Carrot & Turnip
My wonderful Mum-in-law taught me this one, we serve it at Thanksgiving and whenever I need to mix things up a bit.  It is smooth, mild in flavor but rich [...]
Roasted Carrots & Parsnips
I serve this in the Fall, mostly because root vegetables remind me of this season, and also because of the nice bright orange of the carrots are a color of [...]
Glazed Carrots
These are my twin son’s favorite, and I think they are pretty tasty as well!  Carrots are already sweet, so the addition of a little honey and orange [...]
My Mac & Cheese
I know that boxed macaroni and cheese is super quick and easy, and I tend to use the Annie Sez version now and again to save time.  But with this recipe, I [...]