It’s Finally Here! My First Cookbook!

AlwaysAddLove-CoverI have been a lousy blogger these recent months, but what I have succeeded at was the completion of my first cookbook, born of the need to document my family’s favorite recipes.  I took what you have taught me, readers of my blog, to inform the direction of this book.  Through viewing the trends and hits on this site and having conversations with many parents, I have learned that we all have common struggles.  A big issue is getting our pickiest kids to eat their fruit or their vegetables or meat or whatever they have decided to shun.  For that reason, I have included all the ideas I have to get kids to eat real food and even named my first cookbook “Always Add Love, Real Food for Picky Kids” click here to view more details.

Also, because I know from the many conversations about family cooking I have had over the past year, that we are all, without exception, crunched for time….I have included the quick and easy recipes that can be completed even on hectic weekdays.  Lastly, I put a lot of myself and my family stories and photos into this book, because I know as a cookbook lover myself, that when the author shares generously and with an open heart, that the book is that much more interesting.  I didn’t hold back, I hope you enjoy the stories and can identify with my family anecdotes.

I have included not just ingredients and directions, but also tips, tricks and secrets.  A lot of folks I meet, talk about how the best cook in their family would share their recipes, but keep out one secret ingredient so that their dishes could never quite be replicated.  I haven’t hidden a thing, you will know exactly how I make the food I make.

If interested in purchasing Always Add Love, Real Food for Picky Kids, click on the title or on the photo of the cover.  I am not a trained chef, I am a Mom, so the recipes are straight forward enough for beginners, making my book a cool baby/wedding shower or housewarming gift for the novice in the kitchen, or a fun holiday gift for under $20 perfect for co-workers and friends interested in cooking/baking.  Just a thought…

Thank you visiting and I hope you enjoy the book and the Blog, let me know what you think!