Kid’s Omelet

July 29, 2014 - Jazz up Lunch, Kid's Corner, Morning Meals
Kid’s Omelet

My kids can make this one themselves (with a little supervision at the stove).  I know hot dogs are in no way fancy, but they work in this omelet really well, make sure you brown them a bit to pull out the flavor.  This will feed 2 adults – the perfect amount for the kids to make for Mom and Dad on a special occasion…or double it for the family to share.  One lesson I have learned, do not try and make a huge pan of eggs at the same time, make two separate omelets if feeding the whole family.

My pickier kids will complain about the use of shallots, but honestly they add a nice sweetness to the eggs.  Shallots are more mild than an onion, but have a richness to them great for omelets and sauces.


1 Shallot

1 hot dog

1 Tablespoon butter

5 eggs

splash of milk

Cut the hot dog the long way twice then across the short way in 1 centimeter cuts so that each cut will make 4 little cubes.  Dice the shallot into small pieces.  Whisk the eggs with the milk.

Heat a skillet on medium high and get the butter melting.  Put the shallots into the pan and lightly salt them to bring out the water (cook 1 minute or so).  Add the Hot dogs and brown on one side (2-3 minutes) then flip them over and cook for another minute.  Pour the eggs over the hot dogs.  Get your toast going while the eggs start cooking.

Let the eggs set if you are going to serve it like a beautiful omelet, flip then add cheese and put on a lid to melt.  Or, do it the kids way and make it scrambled eggs with hot dogs and shallots, by moving the eggs around folding the eggs as they cook.  Once they look almost ready, then put them on the platter and serve (add a bit of salt over the eggs when on the platter).

Secret to success:  Always stop cooking the eggs right before you think they are done, they will keep cooking a bit on the platter. 

Tip:  Don’t salt the eggs while they cook or they will get tough, salt them once they are on the platter.

Best served with buttered rye toast and fresh fruit


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