Kid’s Corner

Holiday Appetizer Dates
This is a quick but really hardy, and somewhat healthy appetizer (truth be told it should be a dessert and can round out a holiday dessert table as well, I [...]
Not Your Mama’s Rice Krispy Treats
I made two riffs on rice crispy treats tonight and I love them both!  A new all natural product I tried at the Food and Wine Festival inspired this [...]
Sick Day Sandwich
Since I work full time and have 3 kids close in age, when I have an opportunity to be in the house with just one child, during a sick day for instance, we [...]
End of Summer Tropical Shake
We drink shakes all year round, I actually keep the blender on the kitchen table ready to go any day – but in the hot lazy days of summer they make [...]
Disappearing Nut Bars
Easy for kids to assemble and a house favorite.  This is my take on the magic bars so often found at bake sales and school events.  Coming up to the end of [...]
Cantaloupe Shake
Kids love to make and drink shakes, and in some cases they will drink what they will not eat.  My kids are more apt to drink this shake than to eat the [...]
Herb Roasted (Patriotic) Potatoes
My eldest son invented this recipe.  One day at the grocery store he noticed that you could buy potatoes in 3 colors, so we bought a bag of them and came [...]
Mother’s Day French Toast
The kids can now make this on their own, I am so proud of them!  Tastes amazing, the perfect breakfast.  This past May, it was delivered on a tray with a [...]
Banana Blast
This is my favorite shake, and so easy to make too!  The kids just made this one for me.  The cinnamon adds a warm undertone and the honey a little [...]
Kid’s Omelet
My kids can make this one themselves (with a little supervision at the stove).  I know hot dogs are in no way fancy, but they work in this omelet really [...]