Holiday Appetizer Dates

November 26, 2014 - Holiday Cooking, Kid's Corner, Starters
Holiday Appetizer Dates

This is a quick but really hardy, and somewhat healthy appetizer (truth be told it should be a dessert and can round out a holiday dessert table as well, I am just sticking to our family tradition and Grandma always had these out at the appetizer time with the nuts and chips on Thanksgiving).

My son helped make these himself and is only 8 years old, actually, he has been making these since about 4 years old.  I handle the knife and either remove the pits or slice the pitted dates open and the kids would stuff them and roll them.

The final product

The final product

Having fun while helping get the meal together is a win-win!!


1 or 2 packages of pitted or regular dates

Tip:  I find the ones with pits in can be bigger and juicier, and not that difficult to remove the pits anyway, so might be a better choice

Half a jar of crunchy peanut butter of your choice

Tip:  I use either the all natural, or the all natural with honey

1 cup or a bit more of granulated sugar, or you can use sweetened coconut flakes

Slice the dates and pass them to a kid who uses a butter knife or one of those small brie cheese knives to fill with peanut butter.  That kid passes the peanut butter stuffed date to the next kid in the assembly line who rolls in sugar and places in a serving dish.  It’s that easy!!

Making the stuffed Dates

Making the stuffed Dates

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