Mommy Tea Time

July 31, 2014 - Parents Only
Mommy Tea Time

Just wanted to share with you guys my favorite downtime beverage, when I know I have had a crazy day and just want to settle down right before bedtime.  I make TeaVana Tranquil Dreams tea.

Tranquil Dreams Tea

Tranquil Dreams Tea

It is a loose herbal tea without any caffeine (did you know herbal “tea” usually doesn’t have tea at all?  It can but it usually is just flowers, fruits and other ingredients).

Another favorite, but it includes a bit of caffeine is their Blood Orange tea (pictured at top) which is very tasty.

Tip:  Go for it and use more than they recommend (instead of 1 tsp per cup I do closer to 1 tbs).

For autumn chilly days, try their Pumpkin Spice Brulee, an Oolong tea.  I make it with cream and sugar, it is like a warm blanket and a rich dessert, all wrapped up in a cup of tea!

Very Cool Ice Tea

I took a combination of 3 Teavana herb teas and mixed them:

MugI brewed the tea, making it strong, cooled it, then poured it in a glass pitcher filled with ice, slices of orange and a few mint leaves from the garden.  It made such a refreshing summertime treat!  None of the tea varieties had caffeine so I was able to share with the kids as well.

So, from a Mom who never drank coffee or tea until her 40s, I hope you take my recommendation and try some of the Tranquil dreams tea at bedtime, the blood orange tea to start your day, or the pumpkin spice for a cold autumn evening!


Tea can be a lovely way to unwind, and an excuse to sit and relax for a change.

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