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Cast Iron Pan Cookie
What a cool thing to make during a snow storm, and here in the East Coast of the US, we are in for a doozy tonight!  This is so much easier than making [...]
Sick Day Sandwich
Since I work full time and have 3 kids close in age, when I have an opportunity to be in the house with just one child, during a sick day for instance, we [...]
Breaded Cauliflower This one is from our lovely Au Pair friend in Germany, Mellie!  She brought us some nice German recipes, the kids particularly enjoyed [...]
Luxurious Peanut Butter Frosting
Good for chocolate sheet cake, cupcakes or on brownies.  Chocolate and peanut butter are such a sumptuous combination!  I have been making this for a [...]
Smashed Butternut Squash
This recipe is one that has been a favorite for my boys at one time or another (comes in and out of fashion).  I think you will have success with this as [...]
End of Summer Tropical Shake
We drink shakes all year round, I actually keep the blender on the kitchen table ready to go any day – but in the hot lazy days of summer they make [...]
Yogurt Parfaits
How does that saying go?  Necessity is the mother of invention? Over the years the kids have developed very different likes and dislikes, but they all [...]
Quick Garlic Breadsticks
Kids can easily help make these and they love to eat them as well.  I made these for a party one time and they went so fast I was amazed!  For such little [...]
Quick Pizza Muffins
Here is an amazingly quick little appetizer or lunch to make with the kids.  They will enjoy assembling them at almost any age.  I make a large pot of [...]
Disappearing Nut Bars
Easy for kids to assemble and a house favorite.  This is my take on the magic bars so often found at bake sales and school events.  Coming up to the end of [...]