Cherry Vanilla Dessert

January 16, 2015 - Always Room 4 Dessert, Jazz up Lunch
Cherry Vanilla Dessert

I had mentioned in an early post, during warmer weather, the way to make yogurt special by creating parfait desserts.  Well, this is similar, but more of a tart and rich explosion that may not work for all kids.  My eldest who has the taste buds of a sophisticated 34 year old restaurant critic (who happens to be in the body of a grammar school kid) loved it, but the twins were skeptical.  I loved it!

IMG_9270The inspiration was from my trip to Ganesvoort Market when I got a sample of lovely Greek yogurt with a bit of cherry.  The trick is that Greek yogurt is tart, but tastes richer and creamier against the cherry.  Then I received from a friend at work some cherry in syrup that played right into my idea, and added vanilla granola to the top, as cherry and vanilla are a classic combination.  With yogurt being so good for us, this is a healthy treat for the family or a nice quick lunch.


1 cup of high quality 2% Greek Yogurt

2 generous spoon fulls of sour cherry (I used Sarantis Greek Traditional Fruit Sweets in Syrup)

1 generous spoonful of vanilla granola

1 fresh cherry for the top

Put half the yogurt in the bottom of a glass dish, then spoon on the cherry, cover with the remainder of the yogurt and top with granola and a fresh cherry.  The contrast of flavors and textures make this delicious!


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