Homemade Orange Aid

May 5, 2015 - Morning Meals
Homemade Orange Aid

When I was at the Union Market in Washington DC I bought an orange juicer just like my Grandma used to have and decided this weekend to give it a go.  I love milk glass, and this one that I bought is green milk glass and very pretty, and it was quite functional as well.  I had my eldest son work with me to squeeze the oranges for fresh juice with breakfast on Sunday, it was a fun project.  Not something I would ever dream of doing during the week, or when orange prices were high, but when I see those big bags of oranges for sale, I would definitely make this again.  It took a lot of oranges to fill a pitcher for our family of 5, but it was so much fresher and tastier than any orange juice that comes from the grocery store!

 Old fashioned orange juicer and a mesh sieve to remove the pulp (not strictly necessary, but it helped get the pickiest eaters to drink the final product)


1 large bag of oranges (10 – 12 oranges)

6 ice cubes

1 cup cold water

Granulated sugar to taste (I added 1 tbsp and it was just perfect)

Clean all your oranges and slice them in half.  Put ice in a large pitcher.  Squeeze as much juice as you can out of each orange half and as the juicer fills, pour it into the pitcher over the ice through a mesh sieve if you want to avoid pulp.  Once all the orange juice is in the pitcher, stir with a wooden spoon and taste.  Only if it seems bland, add 1 tablespoon of sugar and re-taste.  Add a bit more if needed.

Serve with a big hearty breakfast.  Jazz up the presentation by taking some big juicy strawberries, putting a slit into the middle of them and sticking them on the rim of the glass, and after all this effort why not use some silly straws or umbrellas?

And for the Adults:  Would taste amazing with some vodka!


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