Winter Hot Dogs

February 8, 2015 - Jazz up Lunch
Winter Hot Dogs

Similar to my post on baked potatoes, I hesitate to add a recipe that is so easy.  But isn’t that the point?  We all want to know what we can do with few ingredients and little effort that will taste great and be satisfying for our family!  Hot dogs may not be healthy but they sure do taste good, especially cooked in butter and sandwiched between buttered rye toast!

I particularly like the ball park franks that have pork and turkey in them, I get them on sale and the whole pack of 8 is only like $3.  I use some for hot dog omelets and then make this recipe for a last minute lunch during a snow day.  I make up for the lack of nutrition by pairing it with something healthy and light!


IMG_95402-4 Ball park Franks

1-2 tablespoon butter

ketchup (or mustard or both

Rye bread

Put half a tbsp butter into a non stick pan and heat over medium-high heat.  While that is melting slice your hot dogs long-wise.  Brown the hot dogs on both sides while you toast the rye bread.  Once the toast pops, butter one side of each sandwich with the rest of the butter.  Place the hot dogs on the rye toast, close the top of the sandwich and cut into 2 angled wedges.

Great served with a shake (Cantaloupe, banana, tropical or banana berry work well) and raw baby carrots, or maybe some Greek yogurt



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